Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Thank You!

Smoopa is shutting down today. We want to thank everyone for the kind words you've shared with us and being an important part of the Smoopa community.

While you can no longer use Smoopa, we’ve talked to our friends at StockUp! and they would love to help you keep saving. Their community has already shared more than one billion grocery prices! All you need to do to get started with StockUp is make your first shopping list like the one below and start saving.

Get started today by downloading the free StockUp for iPhone or for Android!

It's been an honor to serve the Smoopa community and we hope you will continue to shop with confidence and never overpay.

- Mendel Chuang, CEO of Smoopa


  1. When can we expect the final rewards through PayPal?

    1. We will be sending PayPal Money Transfers later this week. Thanks for using Smoopa.

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  2. Having just heard the news, how does one request a payout?

    1. While Smoopa rewards have no monetary value until the associated purchases are approved and you make a proper redemption request, if you have an account balance over $2.00, please contact from the email address associated with your Smoopa account to request a PayPal Money Transfer for your remaining available balance. The deadline to make this request was July 7, 2015 9:00 am PDT, but we will try to make an exception if you contact us within the next 24 hours.

  3. I am so sad... It's like the old saying is true..."I'm a "DAY LATE... N' A $$DOLLAR$$ SHORT"... LITERALLY... LMBO!!!"

  4. This is total bullshoy....I lost almost $20 & my wife lost even more because we have not used the app recently due to getting new phones and trying to get everything set up.....
    major waste for us....arrrrggggg
    i am sooooo mad

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