Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Discover, collect, and share amazing products

Ever find an item at a store you liked but weren't quite ready to buy? Need to put together a birthday or holiday wishlist? Want to recommend your favorite products and inspire others? Here's how Smoopa can help:

To save you time and money, we will automatically send you an alert when we find a lower price for an item you add to "My Wishlist". You can also enable this feature on any of your other collections.

Once you've created your collection, you can easily share it with friends and family so they never have to wonder what to get you!

As a bonus, you can earn rewards for creating interesting collections. If your collection is featured, $2 will be added to your account, which can then be redeemed for money, gift cards, or donations to various charities.

So go ahead now. Use Smoopa to discover interesting items, create collections of products you like, and share your finds.

- Archana Sehgal, Head of User Experience at Smoopa, currently collecting to Happy New Year!